We can help companies from the beginning of the process to the end, or jump in with support anywhere in between.

Know what needs to change?

Some business owners know exactly what they want to change, and what data to track to get there.

If that’s you, we can build you a custom dashboard or offer one of our out of the box solutions to help you turn your data in actionable information.

Not sure where to start?

Others need more support defining critical numbers and associated thresholds and actions around those numbers.

If that’s you, we can guide you through the process of identifying critical data and trends, and provide ongoing support with corporate change.

How We Can Help



If you could change one thing about your business, what would it be? Knowing that is the first step to growth. We can help analyze your business and help you decide what that one thing to change would be. We will help you decide what your Critical Numbers are, what your Key Performance Indicators should be, and figure out what data you have that tracks those numbers. We then help you set thresholds of acceptability and come up with process change or other actions if the numbers are not where you need them to be.

Custom Dashboards

Once you know what your critical numbers are and what data you want to track we can take your data from anywhere, including multiple sources, and pull it into a custom dashboard. These dashboards are instantly understandable to the right person and always actionable. At a glance you will understand how you are doing and if action is needed.

Team Training

Once your dashboards have been created, we will help you implement them in your business. A key factor of a goo dashboard is that is needs to be instantly understood to the right person. We will make sure the right people are able to understand them at a glance, and know how to react to them based on your plans.

Helping to drive change and improve corporate culture

You will see how well the whole company responds to having dashboards in the workplace. Understanding the priorities and goals of the business makes the team feel part of something and they are empowered to work together to meet those goals. Dashboards help gamify performance and simply tracking and displaying performance often brings an improvement without any action at all. Our team are experts on corporate change and culture and can give your management tools to meet with any resistance to change and have the difficult conversations that can arise once data is tracked and thresholds have been established.