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Our data tracking and design experts can create dashboards for any need or industry. Here are a few examples of how LiveDash helps your business run more efficiently.



The health of a company’s operations is often complex and can be difficult to understand. As a leader you want to spend your time addressing things that need attention without wasting time on the things that don’t.

At a glance, our operations dashboards communicate the vital signs of your business. Real-time data is pulled from numerous sources so you can have an accurate idea of how every aspect of your business is running. You’ll set the thresholds for success and failure so when something is not on track you’re able to recognize and address the problem immediately.

Displaying the operations dashboard throughout the company also helps your team understand what needs to be done to succeed, aligning your team. If there’s an issue, everyone is able to see it right away and work collaboratively to solve it.


To increase profits you must understand how cash moves through your business and what effects your bottom line.

There are many different variables and data points you need to consider to understand the whole picture, and our dashboards can handle it all. In an instant you can understand what services or products are the most profitable, which clients bring in the most revenue, and where the most time and money are wasted.

The information displayed on a profitability dashboard will help you make data-driven decisions for every aspect of your business, be it training and promoting personnel, deciding which services or products to promote, or choosing what types of clients to pursue.


Knowing if the sales team is meeting their goals is essential to proper planning for a company. Our custom sales dashboards keep management updated in real-time about all aspects of sales.

We pull data in from your client relationship management software, Quickbooks, and any place you store HR data to give you an instant and up-to-date understanding of projects underway, the capacity of your team, and revenue coming in.

Sharing a real-time sales dashboard also helps encourage and motivate your team by adding an element of gamification, contributing to a fun culture of achievement where employees can work to be at the top of the team. Simply tracking and displaying sales by each employee will result in more success even without additional management intervention

Project Management

Our dashboards are an ideal and affordable solution for project management.

The power of the dashboards is the ability to pull in data from multiple sources so that the health of a project is communicated in a glance. Financial data, schedules, scopes, and budgets are all pulled together and updated in real time.

The project manager is able to choose any milestones or other important information to display, and by sharing the real-time dashboard with the client no time is ever wasted on providing status updates.

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