Case Study: ATMs

How LiveDash helped the owner of a fleet of ATMs increase revenue


The Challenge

Our client owned a large fleet of ATMs across a Canadian metropolitan area. He wanted to be able to quickly see which machines were the most profitable and cross-reference their performance with their location, the type of machine, and more. The client would then be able to use this information to make data-driven decisions on where to place new machines, when re-locating current ones might be beneficial, which models perform the best, and which service representatives are performing the best.

Given the size of the fleet and the quantity of data, collecting and analyzing all this information without automated aquisition and easy-to-inderstand visualization of the results would be a monumental task.

That’s where LiveDash comes in.

The Solution

LiveDash developed a custom dashboard designed to manage the client’s fleet of ATMs. Our dashboard pulls data from each machine and compiles it to help the client streamline operations, increase revenue, and make informed decisions.

In real time the owner of the ATMs can see which locations draw the most clients and which machines make the most profit. In an instant they can compare types of machines, geographical locations, performance of customer, service representatives, and more.

Profitability of machine by location

This dashboard takes information about location, service fees, machine type, who loads the cash, ownership versus lease, and complies a list of most and least profitable machines by location. This gives sales people an understanding of what types of locations are the most valuable for the company.

Profitability by location type

This dashboard takes all of the profit and customer information and analyzes it by location type. For instance, restaurants may be the most profitable location type for a distributer at the moment. Having real time data about this allows them to make decisions if that profitability shifts or changes.

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