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Transforming data into action. That is what we do.

We put the right data in the hands of the right people so they can make the right decisions to grow your business. Whether you already know the exact KPIs that run your business or you’re just getting started, we can help  you harness the power of fact-based management.


Consulting about metrics

Knowing what data to track is the most important and often the most difficult part of leveraging business intelligence. Our team of experienced business consultants will use our proven methodology to help you choose what metrics you care about and how to track them.

Create a Custom Dashboard

Once we’ve worked to identify your key metrics, our team of experts will create a custom dashboard for you to track those metrics. You’ll be able to instantly understand how your company is performing at a glance.

Team Training

When your dashboard is up and running we’ll train your team so they know how to read the your dashboard and take action on data and trends.

Drive Change & Growth

Now that you and your team can clearly and easily identify trends and truths in your business, you are able to take action where it is needed to grow your company.

Our Partners

Our Team

Bill Scott

Bill Scott


Bill Scott, Founder of LiveDash, is a passionate entrepreneur, business coach and mentor. His constant drive, thirst for knowledge, and strong desire to give back to the community make him an innovative leader.

Bill founded Final Frontiers Systems Corp., an MSP providing services in Alberta, Canada in 1996. Over the years, as technology developed. the volume of data accumulated by the business increased, however his ability to leverage this information into effective management did not. Bill recognized this as a widespread problem faced by many growing organization as the volume of data we collect continues to grow exponentially.

When it comes to a growing business, the ability to make the right decisions quickly and get good return on your investment is vital. While Bill and his team needed customized BI, they didn’t have the resources of the larger enterprises so they developed a series of visual, key operational metrics in-house. This live dashboard provided key information for the day to day operations of the company. This was further developed into key metrics and reports to enable every individual in every role to enable them to have the information they need at their fingertips.

Thus LiveDash was founded. Bill is passionate about the potential of live data and clear metrics that can benefit nearly every organization LiveDash strives to provide effective live data at an affordable price to enable people to visualize and user their data easily and affordably.

Shawn Simlik

Shawn Simlik

Solutions Consultant

Shawn Simlik, Solutions Consultant for LiveDash, is an MSP veteran with over 10 years of industry specific experience.  During that time Shawn has been involved with virtually every portion of the managed services business from technical services to business development, operations management and project management positions.

Throughout his career, Shawn’s biggest driver has always been his passion for uncovering and resolving problems.  As a result, Shawn was integral in driving the rollout of Dashboards to Final Frontiers Systems, not just from a design and technical perspective but also from an adoption perspective.  This made Shawn an obvious fit for the LiveDash team where he now leverages that experience to help our clients.

When he’s not at work Shawn is an enthusiastic outdoorsman, diehard Canucks fan, and avid skier.

Ruslan Cebotari

Ruslan Cebotari

BI Specialist

As a Controller, Ruslan oversees the full accounting cycle at Final Frontiers Systems. As a Business Intelligence Analyst, Ruslan is responsible for developing and maintaining all financial, operational and management KPIs, reports and dashboards. Ruslan has CPA, CMA designation obtained from CMA Alberta, a Business Intelligence Certificate from University of Calgary and a Degree in Computer Science. His background in financial analysis and BI skills helped Final Frontiers improve business processes and increase operational efficiency. Ruslan lives with his family in Calgary and enjoys hiking, camping and photography.