Transforming Data Into Action

Put your data to work.

The data is there. We make it work for you.

Every company has data, but finding and distilling it into clear, meaningful and easily understood metrics so you can take data-driven action can be overwhelming.


That’s where LiveDash comes in. We’ll find your data and collect it into a succinct, automated dashboard that clearly display up-to-date key metrics so they can be instantly understood.


Once you are able to take the pulse of your business, you can set priorities and make informed decisions for your company.

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We find your data

No matter where your data is hiding, we find it and automate collection.

We put your data to work for you

We clearly and intelligently display your data in a customized dashboard so you can instantly understand what’s going on in your business.

You start making data-based decisions

When you can see at a glance where your bottlenecks are, you can start setting priorities and making data-driven decisions to strengthen your company.

Your company grows

Strategic decisions based on real-time data lead to positive change and growth.

I discovered the power of easily understood, up-to-date data when I discovered an ongoing problem in one of my companies was caused by a simple issue; time sheets weren’t being submitted on time.

By utilizing real-time data tracking we were able to incentivize our employees to enact meaningful change. We quickly and completely eliminated the issues late time sheet submissions were causing. If we’d had and easy way to review time sheet submissions from the beginning we could have saved ourselves a lot of headaches, and that’s why LiveDash was born.

Bill Scott

Founder, LiveDash

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